Scotty Eagleton serves as the Vice President of Production Services and Operations at 3BMG, where his leadership and strategic vision have been pivotal in steering projects from their inception through series production. His role also includes nurturing the company’s joint ventures and in the expansion of 3BMG’s production services arm, Warehouse Studios. Under his guidance, Warehouse Studios has attracted a diverse portfolio of new clients while maintaining robust relationships with existing ones.

Before his tenure at 3BMG, which commenced in 2014, Eagleton honed his skills across a wide spectrum of the television industry, managing projects in both scripted and reality genres. His career trajectory includes working for industry-leading companies such as ABC Studios, Endemol Shine, Lions Gate, and MTV.

Eagleton is invested in creating an industry that thrives on creative differences in all forms. His collaborative efforts with on their latest DEI initiatives underscore his dedication to creating pathways for growth and representation for underrepresented crew members within the television sector. His work not only enhances the creative output of the projects he oversees but also contributes significantly to building a more inclusive and equitable industry landscape.